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19 Mar, 2013

By Mike Lillis

Rep. Lois Capps contends the current prohibition – which can apply to spouses and cohabitants subject to restraining orders, but not to dating partners – is insufficient. The California lawmaker has introduced legislation that would extend the gun ban to cases when the victim and abuser were romantically linked but never married, lived together or had children.

The change, Capps said, "would ensure that all abused women, whether married or not, are provided the same protections."

“Our current legal system makes an arbitrary distinction between protections for dating partners and protections for spouses and ex-spouses, creating a loophole in our gun laws and increasing danger for domestic violence victims and survivors," Capps said this week in a statement. "An abusive ex-boyfriend with a gun is no less lethal than an abusive ex-husband with a gun."

17 Mar, 2013

By Michael Luo 

Early last year, after a series of frightening encounters with her former husband, Stephanie Holten went to court in Spokane, Wash., to obtain a temporary order for protection.

Her former husband, Corey Holten, threatened to put a gun in her mouth and pull the trigger, she wrote in her petition. He also said he would “put a cap” in her if her new boyfriend “gets near my kids.” In neat block letters she wrote, “ He owns guns, I am scared.”

The judge’s order prohibited Mr. Holten from going within two blocks of his former wife’s home and imposed a number of other restrictions. What it did not require him to do was surrender his guns.

15 Mar, 2013

By Staff Report 

Congresswoman Lois Capps announced Thursday that she will be holding office hours in Solvang twice a month to expand the reach of her constituent services.

Office hours will be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 1745 Mission Drive.


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